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First-of-Its-Kind Interactive Podcast Platform and App ‘Zivoze’ Now Available

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 6, 2020---

Poised to revolutionize organizational training and e-learning through engaging, portable, hands-free and eyes-free interactive podcasts, licensing of the groundbreaking Zivoze Interactive Podcasts platform is immediately available through

As the world continues to demand communications technology that allows for staff training and student learning from remote locations, Zivoze has released its Interactive Podcasts platform to the U.S. market.

Zivoze greatly enhances presenter/listener interactivity in training and education, creating a more conversational style e-learning experience. Details about Zivoze, a brand name combining words that mean “knowledge” and “voice,” are available at

Thanks to Zivoze’s low-cost licensing, customers have a clear path to a simple, immediate, portable, and affordable way to reach learners in any organization, company, education system, government agency or professional association.

Key features and benefits of Zivoze include (are not limited to):

· Organizations can produce and deliver interactive, customized, and effective communication, education, and messaging via a flexible hands-free and eyes-free tool.

· Listeners have the power to respond to a podcast simply by speaking.

· Zivoze combines the power and portability of engaging podcasts with a user's ability to give and receive near-instantaneous feedback.

· Zivoze training modules are downloadable.

· Zivoze app is intended to be compatible with most learning management systems.

· Zivoze is structured to add and incorporate the continually evolving innovations of artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing.

Zivoze works like this:

A manager or staff member creates and records a podcast about something his or her colleagues need to know (i.e. explanations of new regulations or important changes to an organization’s safety protocols).

Using the simple Zivoze module construction page, the in-house podcaster uploads to the Zivoze app which automatically distributes the podcast to listeners’ smartphones.

An employee, student, or organization member listens to the podcast, then answers two or three questions (closed or “essay style”). The questions can be at the end of the podcast or sprinkled within it.

The podcast can simply acknowledge receipt of the answers or tell the listener if he/she answered correctly.

The results of this interactive quiz or survey between the podcast and the listener are then immediately uploaded to the organization’s cloud-based data bank.

The listener does this hands-free and eyes-free, quickly and efficiently at his/her convenience, anytime and anywhere.

A few thoughts from the Zivoze author:

“Professionally produced e-learning programs, videos and live training sessions often cost five-figures each for organizations -- often being unaffordable for small to medium size businesses, schools and other organizations who need them most,” said chief Zivoze architect Pete Tucker, PhD.

“As a university professor and former technology company employee, I know that educators as well as company training departments are always looking for low-cost but effective alternatives that can be produced and delivered easily. Zivoze has arrived as their high-quality, affordable platform for effective learning and training.”

Based in Las Vegas, Zivoze also has roots in Oregon and Washington. Zivoze is headed by communications and national broadcast veteran Rich Johnson, as well as Microsoft alums Juston Berg and Dr. Pete Tucker. These innovators and their Zivoze teammates possess combined expertise in software development, e-learning, training, project management, marketing, journalism, and communications.

For detailed information about the Zivoze platform and app, as well as investment opportunities, contact Rich Johnson at 702-849-8242 or visit


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